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International EPSA Knowledge Transfer Conference 'New Models and Practices of ICT Innovation and Management in the Public Sector' in Barcelona, 23-24 March 2015

10 April 2015

“International EPSA Knowledge-Transfer Conference: New Models and Practices of ICT Innovation and Management in the Public Sector

EIPA and the Catalan Government, with the collaboration of the Partners Program of ESADE, brought together more than 120 leading public sector representatives from 11 European countries at their first ICT Summit in Barcelona (ES) on 23-24 March 2015. This conference was hosted by one of the EPSA awarded projects - the Catalan Centre for Technology and Telecommunication (CTTI) and received support from Microsoft, Informática El Corte Inglés, FUJITSU, Deloitte, Indra, T-Systems, Oracle, Colt and IBM.

Nine EPSA champions shared their experiences on how they increased efficiency and effectiveness, simplified procedures, developed integrated, strategic and coherent approaches towards eGovernment, deployed ICT for the common welfare, or increased the overall quality of the public services provided by using smart technology solutions. Their stories were complemented by presentations from renowned academic, public and private sector experts in the area. The inspirational first-hand experiences allowed for an exchange of models and practices on ICT innovation and management in the public sector, as well as ensuring the extraction of lessons learnt in the domain of virtual governance.

Some of the high-lights in quotes and remarks were:

Public administration is IT – it is a core strategy for ‘doing more with less’ Senior Executive Public Official of German Federal Office of Administration
Data is the oil of the XXI century…” Government of Catalonia Expert
When developing e-government solutions, don’t digitize the bureaucracy”, Representative of the European Commission
Our Governments are facing 21st century challenges, responding with 20th century tools, evaluating with 19th century bureaucratic processes, managed by 18th century founded institutions” DG, Microsoft

Full conference programme

The EPSA 2015 winners are…

Supra-local and local award: Every Child Safe Forever – The Development of Relentless Family Case Management and the End of Parole and Other Court Orders, submitted by the Youth Protection Amsterdam Region (NL)
European, national and regional award: BQ-Portal – The Information Portal for Foreign Professional Qualifications, submitted by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (DE)
Cross-cutting award: Urban Environment and Health, submitted by the Barcelona Provincial Council (ES)
Read more about the EPSA 2015 final event and award ceremony

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