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Public Sector Innovation Lab: Innovation Update, Practices and Tools to define an Innovation Agenda in Public Organisations, Barcelona, 2-3 October 2014

08 July 2014

After the very successful first edition in February 2014, the seminar 'Public Sector Innovation Lab: Innovation Update, Practices and Tools to define an Innovation Agenda in Public Organisations' will be repeated in Barcelona on 2-3 October 2014.

This new programme is addressed to public officials and leaders at the forefront of public service design and/or modernisation and reform efforts from all levels of public administration, as well as to policy officers, staff from NGOs, think tanks and other bodies who are eager to learn how to create innovative and radically new policies and architectures responding to the specific local, regional or national challenges.

The effects of the economic and financial crisis, as well as the current societal challenges, require both bold choices and approaches by the public sector. PS innovation is one of the main tools for responding to these policy challenges, as has been recently confirmed by governments' changes in their formal innovation structures, such as ‘MindLab' in Denmark. New needs, new agents, new ways of communication and new governance models to avoid bureaucracy and excessive control are high on the public/political agenda. In addition, the EPSA best practice and knowledge platform as a public excellence source provides valuable know-how and vital results that are being used to the benefit of providing innovative solutions. This seminar will pave the way towards more strategic and systematic approaches to collaborative innovation and co-creation, showing ways of how to involve citizens and/or businesses in new service design and/or reform processes.


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The EPSA 2015 winners are…

Supra-local and local award: Every Child Safe Forever – The Development of Relentless Family Case Management and the End of Parole and Other Court Orders, submitted by the Youth Protection Amsterdam Region (NL)
European, national and regional award: BQ-Portal – The Information Portal for Foreign Professional Qualifications, submitted by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (DE)
Cross-cutting award: Urban Environment and Health, submitted by the Barcelona Provincial Council (ES)
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