“The Public Sector as Partner for a Better Society”

EPSA 2015 Award

Under the overarching theme ‘The Public Sector as Partner for a Better Society’, the EPSA 2015 sought to showcase and reward those cases from Europe’s public sector that embrace public administrations as partners in integrated and participatory governance approaches to public service delivery, that show increased effectiveness and efficiency in the context of maintaining social cohesion, innovative public management and leadership approaches, as well as sound public finances or intelligent action by public administrations to promote economic growth.

Changes towards more collaborative ways of working, developing new approaches, from service design to delivery, considering sound public finances and new leadership models, can be found in many administrations and across all administrative levels. The EPSA 2015 thus aimed to reward public excellence in administrations, and public innovators behind the cases that are reflecting this “new” role in society and who are finding novel solutions by providing outstanding public services and by ensuring that consideration of social inclusion underpins their decisions.

This topic therefore gave public administrations across Europe the opportunity to be proud of their achievements, and to showcase how they respon to these challenges and balancing these competing demands.

Please consult the full call for applications for more information.


The EPSA 2015 Award Categories

All levels of public administration were rewarded since the theme aimed to be inclusive. Therefore, EPSA 2015 presented awards in two different categories based on the level of administration:

Category 1: Projects/cases submitted by organisations from the European, national or regional level;

Category 2: Projects/cases submitted by organisations from the supra-local or local level.

In addition, a third award was presented to a successful and outstanding project or case - drawn from both categories - with a significant, cross-cutting perspective, e.g. cross-border, cross-administrative, cross-sector, etc.

Besides the three above-mentioned awards, Best Practice Certificates (BPC) were presented to a number of top-ranked projects in each category.

This means that good practice at all levels was recognised, underlining the importance of coherent actions, coordination and monitoring of the actions, creative mechanisms of accountability, and/or models of decentralisation and partnership at the various levels of public administration.