Prof. Luciano Hinna (IT)


Full Professor to Tor Vergata University Rome in the following disciplines: Auditing, public accounting, budgeting and management control.


30 years of significant experience gained in the private sector (with particular reference to banking), in the public s

Audit partner with Deloitte & Touche (1983 – 1992), Presidente of Ernst & Young Public Administration (1992 – 1998) carrying out projects for several government bodies.

During this period he also played the role of consultant at various public institutions. In particular, the most significant:

• Consultant of 4 Ministers of Public Administration, Prof. Sabino Cassese and Prof. Franco Bassanini (control reforms, n° 29/93 and n° 286/99), Mario Baccini (Directive on social report for Public Administrations), Prof. Renato Brunetta (performance reform 150/2009);

• Consultant of the Prime Minister, Carlo Azeglio Ciampi (technical table for privatization);

• Appointed by President Giuliano Amato member of the first Scientific Committee of the PCM for the strategic control in the Public Administrations;

• Consultant of Minister for the Budget Beniamino Andreatta for the State budget reform;

• Consultant of Minister Giuliano Urbani at the Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities for economic and management aspects (ministry reform and code);

• Consultant of Minister De Castro to the Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Food.

Since December 2009 until June 2012 member of the National Commission (CiVIT), “Commissione per la valutazione, la trasparenza e l’Integrità delle pubbliche amministrazioni an independent authority, for performance, accountabilty and contrast to the  curruption in public sector.

Professor Hinna is now also President of the Italian Council for Social Sciences (CSS), Olivetti Foundation, Rome.

Ingvild Kjerkol (NO)

Member of the national Parliament in Norway. Former Head of the County Council of Nord Trøndelag. Former member of the council in the municipality of Stjørdal and member of the executive committee.

Norbert Kis (HU)

Vice-Rector for Continuing Education and International Affairs, National University of Public Service, Budapest.