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EPSA Knowledge-Transfer Conference 2016

Please find the presentations of the conference in the programme below. The videos will be uploaded in the following days. 
Download the conference programme including the short CVs of the speakers in pdf (EN, CAT).

Photos of the conference
Press Release
Conference Report

Monday, 13 June 2016

09.15 Official opening panel and key messages of the EPSA 2015
Mercè Conesa,
President, Provincial Council of Barcelona
Marga Pröhl,
Director-General, European Institute of Public Administration, EIPA
10:00 Keynote address: Designing cities with a focus on wellbeing and health
Marcus Grant, Deputy Director of the WHO Collaboration Centre for Healthy Urban Environments and Professor of the University of the West of England, Bristol (UK) Presentation
10.45 Urban environment and health: An inter-disciplinary perspective. Presentation of the EPSA 2015 cross-cutting award winner
Introduced and chaired by Alexander Heichlinger, Expert and Manager, EIPA Barcelona Presentation

Cati Chamorro, Head of the Department of Public Health, Provincial Council of Barcelona 
Eloi Juvillà, Section Chief of Facilities and Public Space, Provincial Council of Barcelona Presentation

Questions and Answers
12.00 City Panel: Innovation, leadership and participatory governance for health and wellbeing – Three cities, three models
Introduced and chaired by Furio Honsell, Mayor of Udine (IT) and Vice-President of the Italian WHO Healthy Cities Network Presentation, Video

Sandro Petruzzi, Director of Planning and Management of Infrastructure, Metropolitan City of Turin (IT) Presentation, Video
Bas Akkers, Programme Manager, Economic Department, City of Utrecht (NL)
Erlijn Mulder, Communication Strategist, City of Utrecht (NL). EPSA Best Practice Presentation, Video
Ramazan Korkmaz, Policy Officer for Energy and General Affairs, Department of Nature Conservation, Green Spaces and Energy, Ministry of Environment and Energy, Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg (DE) Presentation, Video

Questions and Answers

15:30 The European vision for urban environment and health
Video message by Karmenu Vella, European Commissioner for the Environment, Brussels
15:45 Panel: Learning from European Green Capitals
Introduced and chaired by Josep Mompin, Head of the Department of Urban Landscape and Environmental Development, City of Mollet del Vallès (ES), European Green Leaf (EGL) City 2015 Presentation, Video

Green Vitoria-Gasteiz: A lively city-nature network
Luis Andrés Orive, Director of the Environmental Studies Centre, City of Vitoria-Gasteiz (ES) Presentation, Video

ESSENtials - changing the way we act
Matthias Sinn, Head of the Environmental Agency, City of Essen (DE) Presentation, Video

European Green Capital 2016: towards a green, clean, safe and friendly city
Simona Berden, Senior Adviser, Development Projects and Investments Office, City of Ljubljana (SI), EPSA Best Practice Presentation, Video

Questions and Answers

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

09:00 Working in partnership for healthier cities: The cross-cutting model of the Barcelona Provincial Council
Laura Martínez, Deputy Councillor of Public Health and Consumer Affairs, Provincial Council of Barcelona
Josep Ramon Mut, Deputy Councillor for Urban Development and Housing, Provincial Council of Barcelona
09:30 Panel: Designing healthy cities by facilitating active mobility
Introduced and chaired by David Donaire, Researcher of the Centre for Research in Environmental Epidemiology (CREAL) Presentation, Video

Cycling as sustainable and healthy urban mobility experience
Simona Arletti, President of the Italian Healthy Cities Network WHO and City Councillor of the City of Modena. Presentation, Video

Inclusive and healthy mobility: The case of free public transport in Tallinn
Allan Alaküla, Head of Tallinn’s EU Office, City of Tallinn (EE). EPSA Best Practice Presentation, Video

Promoting walkability in the Barcelona region
Jordi Cavero, Manager of the Department of Sports, Barcelona Provincial Council (ES) Presentation, Video

Questions and Answers

11:30 Panel: Housing vulnerability
Introduced and chaired by Coque Claret, Researcher, Vallès School of Architecture, and of the EU-funded Project RELS (“Rénovation Energétique des LogementS”), Video

Energy Poverty in the UK: Liverpool’s experience
Neil Johnson, ECO Framework Project Manager, City of Liverpool (UK) Presentation, Video

From theory to practice: The example of St. Cugat del Vallès’ housing and energy policies
Daniel Calatayud, Architect Professor ETSAV – UPC, on behalf of Sant Cugat del Vallès (ES). EPSA Winner Presentation, Video

Local housing policies to reduce energy poverty and homelessness in Ghent
Joris Beaumon, Manager OCMW Ghent, City of Ghent (BE). EPSA Best Practice Presentation, Video

Questions and Answers

14:30 Panel: Buildings and spaces contributing to healthy living
Introduced and chaired by Felipe Pich-Aguilera, Architect and President of the Green Building Council (GBC, Spain) Presentation, Video

Integration of architecture into the natural and urban space at the designated development area (ZAC) “La Courrouze” in Rennes
Charles Dard, Landscape Architect, Professor at the Brittany National College of Architecture, Rennes (FR) Presentation, Video

Creation of “leisure-time space” by multiple use of urban space
Marlies Fellinger, Project Coordination for Multiple Usage, City of Vienna (AT), EPSA Winner and Best Practice Presentation, Video

Questions and Answers

16:00 Keynote address: Transforming cities into healthier places through urban planning
Isabela Velazquez, Urbanist Architect, Gea21, Madrid (ES) Presentation, Video


Concluding remarks and summary of the results of the conference
Harrie Scholtens, Seconded National Expert and EPSA Category Leader, EIPA Maastricht (NL)
17:00 Official Closure
Meritxell Budó, Vice-President for the Area of Citizen Affairs, Provincial Council of Barcelona and Mayor of La Garriga
Dionís Guiteras, Vice-President for the Area of Territorial Affairs and Sustainability, Provincial Council of Barcelona and Mayor of Moià
Alexander Heichlinger, Expert and Manager, EIPA Barcelona

The EPSA 2015 winners are…

Supra-local and local award: Every Child Safe Forever – The Development of Relentless Family Case Management and the End of Parole and Other Court Orders, submitted by the Youth Protection Amsterdam Region (NL)
European, national and regional award: BQ-Portal – The Information Portal for Foreign Professional Qualifications, submitted by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (DE)
Cross-cutting award: Urban Environment and Health, submitted by the Barcelona Provincial Council (ES)
Read more about the EPSA 2015 final event and award ceremony

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  • In Search of Local Public Management Excellence Seven Journeys to Success

    This book aims to demonstrate that various creative and smart routes to excellent solutions are possible, by analysing success stories in different areas of local public management from seven European cities in the EPSA scheme – Bilbao (ES), Birmingham (UK), Mannheim (DE), Milan (IT), Tallinn (EE), Tampere (FI), and Trondheim (NO). It concludes by presenting seven steps leading to excellence. The only thing left to find out is: are other cities ready to take on the challenge?

  • Public Management in the 21st Century

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