Press Releases

1st Press Release: Kick-off of the European Public Sector Award – EPSA 2015

2nd Press Release: 264 inspiring cases of working in partnership gathered by EPSA 2015 from across Europe

3rd Press Release: 64 Best Practice Certificates

4th Press Release: 9 outstanding projects nominated for the EPSA 2015 Awards

5th Press Release announcing the EPSA 2015 Awards Winners


1st EPSA 2015 Newsletter Launch 

2nd EPSA 2015 Newsletter Call for applications

3rd EPSA 2015 Newsletter First Results

4th EPSA 2015 Newsletter, June, BPC

5th EPSA 2015 Newsletter, October, Nominees

6th EPSA 2015 Newsletter, November, And the winners are...

7th EPSA 2015 Newsletter, December 2015

8th EPSA 2015 Newsletter, February 2016

9th EPSA 2015 Newsletter, April 2016