The EPSA 2015 edition received 266 projects from 36 European countries and EU institutions under the overarching theme ‘The Public Sector as Partner for a Better Society’. This rich harvest shows that working in partnership is a necessity if the public sector wants to contribute to and take the lead towards a better society for all.

For this 2015 EPSA edition, public administrations could submit their projects under two different administrative categories, i.e. European/National/Regional or Supra-local/ Local. 160 entries were received in the category European/National/ Regional and 106 in the category Supra-local and Local. The top submitters were Spain, Lithuania, Austria, Italy, Portugal, Poland and the Netherlands respectively.

EPSA 2015 Best Practice Certificate recipients

Based on the first two steps of the EPSA evaluation methodology (the online evaluation and the consensus meeting), 64 projectsout of the 266 submitted to the EPSA 2015 edition have been identified as being Best Practice Certificate recipients. These 64 brilliant public achievements have found new methods to tackle different problems in relation to a range of important societal challenges, to social care, health, youth unemployment, migration, regional development and business development by using different partnership and cooperation models with convincing results and impact for a better society. They come from 21 European countries and 1 EU agency.

See the detailed list of Best Practice Certificate recipients for the European, national and regional administrative category and for the supra-local and local administrative category. See also the full list of EPSA 2015 best practices.

The projects qualifying for the onsite visits, and thus the next evaluation step, have already been contacted by the EPSA Team.